The Evolution of the Agent-Client Relationship

By Brett Woolley
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When it comes to buying a home there is a tradition in real estate that is probably at least a hundred years old—it’s the agent’s job to “find the home.” Before computers that may have been true by necessity, but I submit that it was never a very efficient process. Today many agents still cling to that philosophy and believe their greatest worth is hording and gatekeeping property information from their clients to create a dependency. Again, that is not very efficient. There’s a reason why 95% of home buyers look on the Internet for homes well before working with an agent. Buyers have always wanted to find their home. In fact, the very minute a buyer tells the agent “what they’re looking for” that agent is immediately handicapped by what the client last told them. There’s no room for the client to have sudden flashes of inspiration or change of mind. They have to constantly change what they are telling their agent. Hence the phrase used by agents to describe home buyers: “Buyers are Liars!”

I believe the Client is the center of the transaction. I tell buyers that I am different from the vast majority of real estate agents. I am the “Anti-Agent.” When you work with me, you are on the team and you are an equal partner in the home buying process. No one really knows for sure what they want in a house sight unseen. Having the agent primarily responsible to find your home is a little like an arranged marriage to someone you’ve never met—maybe it’ll work out. Instead, I provide my clients with access to the live, official MLS system that all of the agents use in the Phoenix, AZ area. It’s called flexmls. I have a link to it on my Website I provide training and constant coaching to my clients so they know how to use the system. By the time they through working with me they can search and use the system better than half the agents out there. Using features like the Portal they can save their Favorites and Possibles, save custom Searches, and all the while I can see what they are doing from the agent side of the system and provide coaching and feedback. I also put live Saved Searches in their Portal for Solds in the subject city. Now they can see for themselves what homes are actually selling for. That’s real teamwork!

There is so much that has to be done once the home is identified. There are also clients who want more help and ask me to send them listings. I do that, but at the same time I encourage the client to get in the game! It’s also my part of the teamwork to do the background research my clients cannot do and come up with winning strategies to get the home. But I love letting my clients get the credit for “finding” the home. It’s their home after all.

Why not try it yourself? Just scan this QR code and you can look at homes using a special mobile phone version of the official flexmls system.

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