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This site is dedicated to helping home buyers looking for homes anywhere in the Phoenix Metro area. I have worked in the real estate information industry (MLS) since 1992. I’ve seen the technology go from something only agents had access to, to today’s world where buyers are free to search themselves and see what’s out there. I hope you will take advantage of this Web site. You can use this Full Search link to access the official, live MLS.

LENDERS: Here is a list of local mortgage Lenders that I have worked with. Talking with a Lender is the first step I recommend after a Buyer Consultation meeting. Think about this–you wouldn’t go to a restaurant without your wallet, would you? That’s why there is no reason to wait to call a lender before looking at homes. Call one of these professionals today to find out about home loans and your true buying power.

Scott Bogert (license#974119), Caliber Home Loans, cell: 602-625-5277, email:, web:



Chris Berry (license#258261), Loan Depot, cell: 602-316-7238, email:, Web site:



Joseph Cowart (license# 630269), First Cal, cell: 602-721-0262, email:, Web site: